Thursday, September 19, 2013

Student Cruise to Denmark

Every year UiA has a free student cruise to Denmark. A bunch of students get on the Color Line ferry and take a 3 hour trip to Hirtshals and a 3 hour trip back to buy duty free items on the boat. Of course people mainly purchase alcohol and tobacco. There was an all you can eat and drink buffet (not free - nothing is free here) which was pretty good. It was my first time on a ship this large and only my second time on a boat on the ocean. I definitely got a little sea sick but was able to keep the massive amounts of food and drink in ;).

They had some old school Boomerang on!

This drunk Norwegian lady so kindly joined our dinner.
 The ship was a lot nicer than I thought it would be. Here you see Mike, Laima and Mattieu hanging out.

Preikestolen Trip

The other week ESN hosted a trip to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) for us exchange students. We took a bus for 3.5 hours to our destination and then hiked for 1.5 hours to Pulpit Rock, which stands around 2000ft above the fjord. The hike wasn't bad and the view was absolutely amazing, something I have never experienced before in my life. Afterwards we stayed in a hotel in Stavanger which was a beautiful city as well.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My First Few Weeks

During our first week here we took a trip to a nearby island where there was some old Norwegian military equipment... and a small cafe with cheap waffles. We love cheap here in Norway!

A bunch of us exchange students also spent a day at the beach. A few of us went swimming, but there was a great number of people who thought it was too cold. It was about 17 degrees Celsius which is about 62 degrees Fahrenheit. That's pretty damn cold, but it was a lot of fun. There are barbeques on the beach often, and everywhere else for that matter, a lot of us get together cook, drink and hang out.

Last week (around August 18th) a group of us went on a hike a little north of campus. For about 5 hours we walked around, climbed some rocks and got some beautiful pictures.

 Mike and I majestically posing.

The other day there was a free trip to the zoo, and since we love free we couldn't resist. They had rides there which were very fun and the zoo was great as well. They had a pizza buffet which cost about 20 USD, I know it sounds expensive but it was relatively cheap for Norway. We made sure we ate til we couldn't eat anymore :).
 My buddy Tim and I

During the first week there is also a lot of drinking that takes place. Norwegians like to party but it is very expensive here so bring some duty free alcohol. There are a lot of fun activities, through the schools exchange program, to do in the first week and most people drink during them. It's common here to drink through school functions, they even have a pub on campus. This was a little weird since it is not that way in the States, but I will not complain. All in all the activities they put on are a blast,and because of that I had more fun here in the first week then I would have ever imagined. Through the school I have also already made plenty of great friends from all over the world. It has been amazing hanging out with all these fun but yet very different people.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Welcome! I have been in Norway for two weeks now and I love it! As a part of my scholarship I must maintain a blog, I will do my best to post pictures and stories of my travels every week.

This is the view from my dorm